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About The Artist:
C. L. Haight (Pagani)



Self Portrat from Cell Phone CamArtist Chriss Haight Pagani (Pa-gah-nee) - dubbed "The Painter of Oregon" by Long Beach Arts News - is a gifted self-taught artist in the outsider art tradition who lives a nomadic lifestyle, traveling throughout the US Northwest but primarily along the northern coast of Oregon. Pagani is inspired by the area's vibrant landscape, wild seas, rugged cliffs, charming countryside and earthy people, as well as by the artist's own powerful inner vision of the world, the nature of reality and how things should be.

Lacking formal training in fine art, Pagani is nevertheless a skilled producer of works in a style dubbed abstract impressionism. The artist describes those pastoral works as "raw experience" or abstract impressionist. We have also seen, however, some interesting photo realistic works that this artist has produced and we were quite impressed.

Chriss Pagani is a listed artist with Absolute Arts and the World Artist Registry.

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